45 quarantine regime violators arrested in Azerbaijan

45 quarantine regime violators arrested in Azerbaijan
  • Clock-gray 17:38
  • calendar-gray 05 August 2020

In order to prevent the threat that could be posed by coronavirus infection on territory of our Republic, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan is also participating in regular manner in the implementation of the tasks put forward in the way of coordination with the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, APA reports.

In this regard, the General prosecutor Kamran Aliyev said at the operational meeting with a large number of participants dedicated to discussion of the condition of the works implemented in the first semester of 2020 by the prosecution agencies and the outstanding tasks that a total of 62 criminal cases including 32 in prosecution agencies, and 30 in internal affairs’ agencies were initiated on the basis of relevant clauses of the Criminal Code during the past period in regard to the persons who committed unlawful actions, appropriation, inappropriate or unfair distribution of the aid shares allocated to disadvantaged families, issuance by senior officials of local executive power agencies, municipalities and treatment institutions of a total of 802 medical certificates, medical referral sheets giving the right to free movement during special quarantine regime, violation of rules of anti-epidemic regime, sanitary and hygienic and quarantine regimes by persons infected with coronavirus disease and others, hooliganism, showing resistance to representatives of state authorities and other actions in contradiction with the measures of prevention of wide spreading of coronavirus infection in Shirvan and Naftalan cities, and Yevlakh, Masalli, Goranboy, Hacigabul, Goygol and other regions, the remand in custody measures in the form of arrest have been chosen in regard to 45 persons, transfer under police control – in regard to 6 persons, and signed acknowledgement of travel restrictions – in regard to 2 persons, the investigation of 7 criminal cases in regard to 13 persons was completed and sent to courts for consideration, guilty verdicts were delivered in regard to 3 persons under 1 criminal case.

Also, the court proceedings have been initiated under the cases about administrative offences against persons who violated rules of anti-epidemic regime, sanitary and hygienic and quarantine regimes, and long-term administrative arrest and fine sanctions were chosen by regional (city) courts’ decisions in regard to 7 persons who held meetings illegally, left their residential places without referring to 8103 short SMS service and obtaining a permission and committed other offences.


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