Ammunition left by Armenians found in Fuzuli - PHOTO

Ammunition left by Armenians found in Fuzuli - PHOTO
  • Clock-gray 15:41
  • calendar-gray 09 March 2021

Measures on revealing firearms left by the Armenian military units in our liberated lands from the occupation in the Patriotic War are underway, the press service of MIA told APA.

Employees of Fuzuli District Police Department conduct regular raids in the area with the representatives of the relevant bodies in order to detect explosives, ammunition, and neutralize unusable ones.

During another such inspection, 6 submachine guns, 2 machine guns, 3 grenades, 1 anti-tank missile system, 4 hand grenades, 726 different types of shells and incendiaries, 8420 different caliber cartridges, submachine gun combs, and barrels have been detected by the employees of the Fuzuli DPD and taken.


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