Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General's Office launches searches for the commanders of illegal armed groups of Armenia via Interpol

Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General's Office launches searches for the commanders of illegal armed groups  of Armenia via Interpol
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  • calendar-gray 10 September 2020

Today, Armenia is demonstrating that its real intention at the highest political levels is to solve the conflict peacefully but to continue the illegal occupation of the Azerbaijani lands by preparing new provocation plans, Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General's Office told APA.

The provocations committed by the Armenian side on the frontline in recent months testify to the fact that the occupant country tries not to conduct negotiations but on the contrary to de-escalate the situation through every possible means. 

The regular attacks of provocative nature by the Armenian side by making null and void the peace process, bear the character of the open disrespect to norms and principles of international law, as well as resolutions and decisions of the UN Security Council.

In continuation of the aggressive actions, commander of the diversion and reconnaissance group of armed forces, chief lieutenant Alaverdyan Gurgen Vladimirovich born in 1989 tasked with committing explosions including provocations aimed at the destruction of roads and means of communication, as well as crimes and especially grave crimes against our country in order to weaken our country’s combat capability and economic security to the detriment of our country’s security by the instruction of Armenia’s special secretive agencies was detained and handed over to law enforcement agencies as a result of the measures implemented by the Azerbaijani army on August 23 when he was committing an assault on our defense positions by outflanking the control and admission stations of the protected state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the site of Goranboy region of the front line and detailed information in this regard was provided to the wide public.

It has been noted that units of Armenian Armed Forces grossly violated the ceasefire in the direction of Tovuz district of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, fired our positions in order to capture by using large-caliber artillery to create severe escalation, as well as grossly violated fundamental norms and principles of the international law with provocative deeds and committed different crimes against civilians by targeting civilian people of the Republic of Azerbaijan from July 12, 2020. Taking into consideration the occurrence of crimes committed against civilians of Khanliglar village of Gazakh, Aghdam, and Dondar Gushchu villages of Tovuz starting from July 12, as well as criminal cases committed by diversion-intelligence group on August 23 in the background of ongoing military conflict, their implementation by Armenian armed forces by planning beforehand, and their same nature, criminal cases, related to the facts have been combined in execution and assessed as crimes against peace and humanity by classifying to the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. 

According to the noted issues, the testimony of Gurgen Alaverdyan, who was remanded in custody as accused and other investigative evidences, solid suspicions have been identified regarding G. Alaverdyan's participation in the conduct of an aggressive war as a member of a criminal group as a platoon commander in an intelligence unit of an illegal armed group established in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as leading a structural unit of criminal association(organization) established by occupant Armenia, under the instruction of Vazgen Vartanyan, commander of the illegal armed group where he served, attacking at defense positions of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan together with two Armenian servicemen – Armen Jamalyan and another person whose identity is not known to the current stage of investigation on August 23, 2020, as well as illegal acquisition, possession, carrying of firearms and ammunition together with other members of a criminal association (organization) composed of numerous organized groups, illegal transportation of ammunition, explosives, use of firearms within a criminal organization (organization) for the violation of public safety, death of people for the purpose of creating panic among the population making attempts to conduct explosions, fires to endanger their health in other words to commit terrorism, attempting deliberately to kill more than two members of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan within the composition of a criminal association (organization) with intent to incite national hatred and hostile intent, as well as in connection with terrorism, as well as attempting to carry out explosions within a criminal association (organization) consisting of numerous organized groups.

Also, the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, the commander of the illegal armed group Vartanyan Vazgen Bakhshikovich and the commander of the platoon Jamalyan Armen Gnelovich, who were defending their posts in the occupied Kalbajar region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, were found guilty of committing the same acts. (Illegal firearms, their components, ammunition (excluding cordless firearms and ammunition for those weapons), 276 (espionage), 279.2 (enterprises, departments, organizations or individual members of armed formations or groups) Assault on persons), 318.2 (illegal crossing of the state border of the Azerbaijan Republic by a group of persons or an organized group with prior connivance, or with the use or threat of use of force), 29, 214.2.3 (attempt to commit terrorism) ), 29, 120.2.12 (national, racial, religious hatred or enmity on the basis of the recommendation of the Prosecutor General's Office, they were arrested on the basis of the relevant court decisions.

The investigation department sent the relevant decisions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service, as well as the National Central Bureau of Interpol for execution.

The Prosecutor General's Office will take the necessary and institutional measures to bring Armenian servicemen to justice within the framework of international law.

Saljug Elchin

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