Azerbaijan releases 200 prisoners

Azerbaijan releases 200 prisoners
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  • calendar-gray 26 March 2020

The necessary preventative measures including disinfection works are being continued by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Operative Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan in a bid to prevent spread into our country of the global pandemic, the Ministry of Justice told APA.

The penitentiary and medical services have switched over to the enhanced working mode, while the meetings of prisoners and the convicted persons with members of their families and transfer of parcels to them have been restricted, the health condition of all employees and prisoners is kept under constant control, and their daily medical examination and temperature measuring are conducted.

"Currently their health condition is normal, and no serious disease has been detected in them”.

The situation in this area is regularly studied by the monitoring group consisting of the concerned responsible employees of the ministry and the representatives of the civil society, as well as daily control is implemented over nutrition of prisoners and arrested persons, their provision with food products, and variety and quality of the food products. 

As a manifestation of our government’s policy of humanism, keeping in mind the possibility of the conditional premature release of prisoners from imprisonment and the introduction of the institute of transfer of prisoners to a penitentiary facility with an easier regime, the ministry’s special Commission established for this purpose continued its activity on holidays as well, the criminal cases of the prisoners were studied at the meetings held in virtual mode through video conference, the conversations were conducted with prisoners in person, and the materials related to the prisoners meeting the requirements of the legislation were immediately submitted to the court.

In order to protect the rights of the prisoners, the judges on duty urgently reviewed those criminal cases and 200 prisoners were released. 

Saljug Elchin

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