Person causing anxiety among people through Whatsapp arrested in Azerbaijan

Person causing anxiety among people through Whatsapp arrested in Azerbaijan
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  • calendar-gray 02 April 2020

1 person has been subjected to administrative arrest for disseminating on “WhatsApp” instant messaging application the information not reflecting the truth that could cause panic in people, and 5 persons have been fined, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told APA.

The report notes that during the past 24 hours, in accordance with the Administrative Offences Code, a fine has been applied a total of 1,243 persons including 868 persons in Baku City for their attempt to pass through special polic control stations established in the country’s cities and regions including the intermediary and auxiliary roads situated far from the determined police control stations, as well as for violation of the sanitary and hygienic and quarantine regimes directed against the epidemic, and 12 persons have been arrested in administrative manner.

A total of 14 persons have been administratively arrested during the past day countrywide, and 1,288 persons have been subjected to administrative fines: “Once again we call on our citizens to comply with personal hygiene rules, behave according to self-isolation measures, leave home only in case of dire necessity, to contact other people as less as possible, to observe 2 meters distance during communication and to strictly obey all requirements and recommendations of the Operative Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers”.

Saljug Elchin

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