MIA and Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan warned on November 2 rally

MIA and Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan warned on November 2 rally
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  • calendar-gray 30 October 2019

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan have warned on November 2 rally, press-services of the MIA and Prosecutor General’s Office told APA.

In the joint information, it is noted that the appeal of the National Council in connection with the rally on November 2 was considered by the Executive Power of Baku.

Due to the fact that, according to the relevant article of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On freedom of assembly”, holding meetings in the security zones of the subway is prohibited, the city’s executive power proposed to hold a rally on the territory of the training and sports base of the Neftchi sports club in the Lokbatan village of the Garadagh district of Baku.

It is noted in the information that the requirements of  law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Freedom of Assembly have been violated in a demonstrative and rough way on October 19 by the parties and associations included in the body called National Council of Democratic Forces, as well as Ali Karimli who introduced himself as the chairman of Azerbaijani Popular Front Party. Holding illegal rally and other provocative actions in front of 28 May metro station was prevented by taking measures on 60 people in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of administrative offenses.

Despite repeated warnings that such illegal acts, intended to violate the stability in the Republic, will be prevented, in the recent days calls for illegal rally in front of 28 May station of Baku Metro have been made again by Ali Karimli, other persons represented in the leadership of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, as well as a group of traitors who had previously been seeking asylum in foreign countries in fake ways after committing various crimes  in the country and had been funded and operated by pro- Armenian foreign circles on social media and different profiles in internet information resources, as well as, via “AzerbaycanSaatı”, “Turan Tv”, “AzerFreedom TV”, “Meydan Tv”, “OsmanqızıTv” and other channels. Sharing personal information about police officers undermines work reputation, honor and dignity of them who fulfilled their professional obligations on October 19 in order to prevent violation of public order, provocations are being carried out to incite social hatred and hostility towards the security guards.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office declared that they will prevent any illegal actions resolutely by a tiny opposition group that stays in an openly hostile position to the Azerbaijani statehood. It is warned that all responsibility will be borne on them in case of a meeting held outside of the location recommended by the Baku City Executive's Office, unlawful actions that violate public order, including committing acts that are not complying with the lawful demands of the authorities, violate the peaceful life of the population, the normal operation of transport, businesses, offices, and organizations.

At the same time, taking suitable measures in accordance with Articles 4, 12 and 16 of the Law on Political Parties for violating the legislation, and bringing people who committed illegal actions under Article 233 (organizing or taking an active part in such actions that would constitute a violation of public order) and 315 (resisting or using force against a government representative) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan to responsibility will be provided.

Hafiz Heydarov

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