Azerbaijani citizen murders elderly woman in Russia

Azerbaijani citizen murders elderly woman in Russia
  • Clock-gray 15:11
  • calendar-gray 26 October 2016

Baku – APA. An Azerbaijani citizen, born 1988, has murdered an 83-year-old woman in the Alexandrovka village of Lipetsk Oblast, Russia.


The elderly woman’s body with signs of violence on it was found yesterday by her neighbors, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.


The murderer was detained and admitted to having committed the crime. The detainees told investigators that he came from a neighboring village to carry out the murder.


He said he broke into the woman’s house, woke the woman up, and stab her 17 times with a butcher’s knife. The wounded woman rushed outside and the murderer too fled the scene. The young man also said that he killed the woman because she had insulted him before. 

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