Helicopter rescues fisherman stuck among crocodiles

Helicopter rescues fisherman stuck among crocodiles
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  • calendar-gray 07 April 2018

In the Australian Northern Territory, a fisherman's boat ran aground surrounded by crocodiles and was stuck two nights, according to The Daily Mail, APA reports quoting Sputnik.


Alan Jones went fishing in the Victoria River. At low tide, his boat was suffering from a strong current. After an incorrect turn, it crashed into a sandbank. The water retreated and the fisherman found himself on the beach.


He could not move the boat and decided to wait for the tide. After 12 hours the water returned, but the depth was not enough for his boat. Jones stayed on the beach for another day, but after the next tide the water did not even reach the boat.


Despite having weak signal, the Australian managed to call the police via a mobile phone. He did not want to leave the boat that cost 30,000 Australian dollars, so he managed to arrange for his boat to be towed to the river using a helicopter.

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