SCC comments on reports about the detention of trucks at the border

SCC comments on reports about the detention of trucks at the border
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  • calendar-gray 08 January 2017

State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan (SCC) expressed its attitude reports spread at some media on January 7, 2017, about detention of trucks carrying agricultural products crossing from Azerbaijan leading from Iran to Russia, at cargo storage terminal at the Astara Customs department, State Customs Committee told APA.


Reports claim that the trucks are stopped baselessly and illegal payments were required from drivers.


The SCC statement says that the reason for the temporary detention of trucks, most of which are registered in Dagestan, is t obstructing the customs inspection by the drivers: “Despite the fact that the relevant legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic have been explained to the drivers, they under various pretexts tried hinder the implementation of the customs inspection, as well as creating problems threatened customer employees on creating problems for Azerbaijan’s vehicles traveling to Russia”.


"According to the customs legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, the relevant customs authority can inspect cargo and vehicles if necessary. And allegations of illegal payments claim are absolutely untrue. As a result of discussions with the drivers, the problem is already solved, trucks continued on their way to their destination after a customs inspection in accordance with the law ", - says SCC statement.

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