Trial of Azerbaijani ministry’s ex-official continues

Trial of Azerbaijani ministry’s ex-official continues
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  • calendar-gray 13 July 2017

Sabunchu District Court continued the trial on the criminal case of former main department and department chiefs of the liquidated National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan Subahir Gurbanov, Teymur Guliyev, Natavan Mirvatova, high-ranking officials of that ministry Fuzuli Aliyev, Zaur Mammadov, Natig Aliyev, Farhad Atayev, ANar Shiraliyev, Eshgin Aliyev, Elshad Azizov.


Former head of the Office of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan Vidadi Zeynalov gave testimony in the court, APA reported.  


He did not confirm a part of his testimony given during the investigation. He noted that Subahir Gurbanov and Teymur Guliyev have not given money: “I have sent money to the Ministry of National Security upon the ministerial instruction and recognized the person, who took money, as an employee of the ministry. I was not aware that they had been anyone’s driver. I have sent money three or four times in all. I have not sent money in the amount that written in the bill of indictment and that amount is not true. Teymur Guliyev lived in my neighbourhood and we walked in the park in the evenings. If there were need, I could give him money. Why with driver? I have not given bribe to anyone. We had no subordination or contact with them. Why did I have to give money to them? During the investigation, note-book with notes have been taken from my room, but they have not included in the case. Had they added them, everything would have been clear. I made mistake while saying that I have sent money to the ministry. Had I known that I would ever get into this trouble, I would have said nothing”.


Thereafter, some witnesses gave testimony.


The trial will be resumed on July 18.


The court ordered seizure on property and cash worth of AZN 21,528,000, as well as real estate worth of AZN 20,971,000, vehicles worth of AZN 272,000, jewelry and other valuable goods worth of AZN 42,000, cash worth of AZN 88,000, USD 88,000 and EUR 5,000 belonging to the defendants – Subahir Gurbanov, Fizuli Aliyev, Zaur Mammadov, Natig Aliyev, Teymur Guliyev, Natavan Murvatova and the others.


They are charged under articles 145.3 (illegal imprisonment on negligence ended with death of the victim or other serious consequences), 178.3.1, 178.3.2 (swindle committed by organized group with causing damage on a large scale), 179.3.1, 179.3.2 (embezzlement by an organized group on a large scale), 181.3.1, 181.3.2 (robbery, committed by an organized group, with a view to seizing the property on a large scale), 182.3.1, 182.3.2 (extortion, committed by an organized group in order to obtain property on a large scale), 228.4 (illegal purchase, selling, storage and carrying fire arms, bladed weapons), 302.1, 302.2 (infringement of the legislation on operative-search activity with the use of technical means, intended for secret information), 311.3.1, 311.3.2, 311.3.3, 311.3.4 (reception of a bribe, committed by a group of persons or an organized group repeatedly or on a large scale, using threats), 313 (service forgery), 320.1, 320.2 (fake of official documents and use of obviously counterfeit documents) and 341.2.1, 341.2.2, 341.2.3 (abusing authority, excess or inactivity of authority, committed by a group of persons with the use of weapons, resulted in grave consequences).



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