Kenya to Allow Non-Military Use of Drones

Kenya to Allow Non-Military Use of Drones
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  • calendar-gray 16 November 2017

All drone operators who break the rules may face heavy fines as Kenya shed light on the enduring difficulties to enable the non-military exploit of the unmanned mid-air vehicles.

The Kenya Civil Aviation can allow all Kenyans acquire drones for private activities and various commercial ventures. Individuals and companies will face a six-month imprisonment or Sh2 million penalties for having a drone with specific military specifications or exporting a drone registered in Kenya without any permitting documents.

The KCAA has been continually developing all the necessary testing mechanisms and training standards to guarantee that drones integration in traditional airspaces will never put safety.

If operators do not disclose drone airworthiness, specifications, insurance policy they will immediately face six-month imprisonment or Sh1 million fines.
The KCAA regulations also state, if any civilian wishes to buy a drone, he must show Remotely Piloted Aircraft System general knowledge, navigation skills, and flight performance.

“From now Kenya allows the non-military use of drones. The aeronautical information circular will be published, and after that drone operations will be allowed in Kenya,” announced KCAA Director-General.

From this moment, Kenya will join other African countries which have already permitted the use of drones. Malawi and Tanzania have already made public their plans to start using them from the beginning of 2017 mainly to transport various medical issues (vaccines and blood to distant areas).
According to mentioned regulations, it is prohibited for civilians to fly drones at a height over four hundred feet above ground level to keep away from a possible crash with an airplane. “All drones must be within 50 meters of any vessel, person or means of transportation which is not under the control of the person responsible for the remotely piloted aircraft system,” one of the rules declares.

Source: Tuko Kenya News


Ceyhun Aliyev

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