Angola to deploy troops to DR Congo to ensure peace after allegedly failed ceasefire

Angola to deploy troops to DR Congo to ensure peace after allegedly failed ceasefire
# 12 March 2023 21:30 (UTC +04:00)

Angola has announced that it will deploy a contingent of troops to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) following consultations with the country's authorities to support the army and regional forces in operations aimed at ensuring peace in the region, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"After consultations with the authorities of the DRC, the Republic of Angola decided to send a unit from the support contingent for peacekeeping operations of the Angolan Armed Forces," a statement from the Angolan president's office read.

It was noted that the main objective of the troops that will be deployed is to help secure the areas occupied by members of M23 and protect ceasefire monitors.

The statement also indicated that the move follows decisions made at mini-summits held under the peace and security process in eastern DRC. According to the statement, Angola is acting in accordance with its responsibilities as a mediator within the framework of the Luanda Process. The country is hosting talks in its capital, Luanda, between the DRC and Rwanda, which stands accused by the Congolese government of supporting the M23 rebellion - an accusation Rwanda denies.

The Congolese government has reportedly responded to Angola's decision to send troops, saying that it would welcome the deployment of soldiers to help in the fight against the rebels.

Last week, the rebels announced a ceasefire to resolve the conflict with the DRC government. The group stated that it had stopped fighting in accordance with the recommendations and agreements accepted at a meeting held last November with President of Angola Joao Lourenco and other regional meetings.

But the fighting reportedly resumed hours after the rebels' press release on the ceasefire. Both sides of the conflict accused each other of breaking the truce. Earlier, President Felix Tshisekedi expressed doubts about the sincerity of the rebels' move, saying that "several ceasefire commitments have been announced without being respected."

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