Equatorial Guinea president wins re-election, his VP says on Twitter

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea

© APA | Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea's President

# 26 November 2022 23:22 (UTC +04:00)

Equatorial Guinea's Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue said on Twitter that his father, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, has won re-election with 95% of the Nov. 20 vote, APA reports citing Reuters.

Reuters was not able to immediately verify the claim.

A win would given Obiang, 80, a sixth term in office, extending his 43 rule and cementing his place as the world's longest-standing ruler.

"The definitive results prove us right again," the vice president tweeted. "We continue to prove to be a great political party!"

The West African oil-producing nation of around 1.5 million has had only two presidents since independence from Spain in 1968. Obiang ousted his uncle Francisco Macias Nguema in a coup in 1979.