Azerbaijan should try to fully ensure its food safety – president

Azerbaijan should try to fully ensure its food safety – president
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  • calendar-gray 30 January 2017

He said that Azerbaijan meets its demand for butter by 76%, of which 10 percent is an external factor: “The 10 percent in here is related to the packing. The packing is not an issue that we cannot solve. We meet our demand for wheat by 53%, of which 23% is an external factor. We also meet our demand for barley by 102%, for corn by 71%, for soybeans by 4%, for fruit and berry by 102%. However, there are some sorts that we cannot meet our demand. Fruit and berry are our important export products”.


The president said that Azerbaijan meets its demand for all types of vegetables by 96%: “Demand for potato is met by 86%, for sugar by 115%, of which 73% is an external factor. State Program has been developed for planting, growing of sugar beet. Demand for honey is met by 97%”.


The head of state noted that Azerbaijan should try to ensure its food safety in the period of independence: “Thanks to new lands, we can put an end to dependence on import and increase export. We grew 90,000 tonnes of cotton last year, but expect 200,000 tonnes this year. This sphere is related to the industrial park to be created in Mingechevir. Some factories which we founded in Mingechevir should be launched this year. By the way, currently, people are engaged in silkworm breeding in 37 regions. In 2019, 1,300 tonnes of cocoon are planned to be produced”.


President Ilham Aliyev also spoke about the development of hazelnut growing. He said that if 50,000 heads of cattle are brought to Azerbaijan, demand for dairy products will fully be met. The president also said development of bee-keeping, tea-growing is also paid attention. According to the head of state, despite the grain-growing is a strategic sphere despite its low-profitability: “Azerbaijan meets its demand for grain by 53% and this figure should be increased. Now, $250-300 million is spent for purchase of grain from abroad”.  

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