Barack Obama named most popular foreign politician in UK

Barack Obama named most popular foreign politician in UK
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  • calendar-gray 19 December 2019

Former US President Barack Obama has been named the most popular and the most famous foreign politician in a YouGov rating, APA reports citing Sputnik.

With a 77-percent approval rating, Obama by far surpassed German Chancellor Angela Merkel (30 percent) and Former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton (29 percent).

Other names in the Top 10 are, in descending order, Bill Clinton, Justin Trudeau, George W. Bush, Imran Khan, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

Barack Obama was also revealed as the most recognised foreign leader in the UK, with a 99-percent rating. He shares that spot with Donald Trump.

The rest of the ten most famous foreign leaders, includes, highest to lowest, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Imran Khan and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Support for Barack Obama among British women is 15 percent higher (90%) than among men. British millennials (those born from the early 1980s to mid-1990s) are also more favourable toward Obama by double-digits than Generation Xers and the preceding Boomers.

In another peculiar finding, millennials were more in favour of Bernie Sanders than Generation X (12% higher) and Boomers (16 higher).




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