U.S. Ambassador: "We are proud to support your sovereignty and independence" - VIDEO

U.S. Ambassador: "We are proud to support your sovereignty and independence" - VIDEO
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  • calendar-gray 04 July 2020

US Embassy in Azerbaijan has released a video message of Ambassador Lee Litzenberger on Independence Day, APA reports.

Mr Ambassador in a video message says that usually on July 4th, the U.S. Embassy hosts a celebration of Independence Day: "Last year we welcomed many of our good friends from Azerbaijan to a great event in the Embassy garden, and many more of you joined the party via our Facebook live stream.

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic we cannot gather as usual this year. Despite these challenges, this doesn't mean that we can't virtually celebrate America's 244th birthday.

Our founding fathers who signed the declaration of Independence back in 1776 risked their lives with their signatures and they stood up against injustice. They did so however with the hope of better days will come for all of the human.  Declaring all people are entitled to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness with the statement is just relevant to our world today.

After along and difficult conflict a new nation was born and US Constitution was established. It begins “We the people of the United States in order to form our perfect union. It is the people who established our great country and the citizens themselves who hold the government accountable to respect universal rights and freedoms of the people. And they knew that more perfect union will take great deal of time and effort to build and preserve. It is the bill of the rights within the US Constitution guarantees that opportunity – fundamental freedoms we talk about even now freedoms to which all men and women out the world entitled which are so vital for governments to respect.

Now the work perfecting that Union is still underway today 244 years later. Although we mark 1777 as a day of independence of the United States and celebrate fundamental freedom granted by the Bills of right and Constitution, our government and society continue to deny equal rights to our own citizens for many years. Through instutition of slavery and by denying women’ right to vote and many other terrible injustices both large and small. Even today we see some citizens struggling to access people’s right under US constitution demonstrating by the death of George Floyd in poice custody while we hav made progress and we recognize that we still have much to do. It is my hope this July 4th we can recommit ourselves to this effort. And, You, our Azerbaijani friends, join our efforts within your own country, as well. US and Azerbaijan share an important partnership. And we are proud to support your souverinity and  independence. Happy 4th of July."

Gunay Elshadgizi

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