US to cut 2,500 troops from Afghanistan and Iraq

US to cut 2,500 troops from Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Clock-gray 06:32
  • calendar-gray 18 November 2020

The US is to cut its number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq by 2,500, the US Department of Defense has confirmed.

President Donald Trump had previously warned that he would be cutting the size of US forces in the two countries, APA reports citing BBC.

The cut will take place before President Trump leaves office, the Pentagon said.

The Secretary-General of the Nato alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, has warned of a "high price" if US and allied forces leave Afghanistan too quickly.

In a statement, he said the country risked once again becoming a platform for international terrorists to organise attacks.

The number of troops in Iraq will be cut by 500 to 2,500, while the number of service personnel in Afghanistan will fall from 4,500 to about 2,500.

Acting US Defense Secretary Chris Miller said the move reflected Mr Trump's policy "to bring the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to a successful and responsible conclusion and to bring our brave service members home".


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