Trump administration mulling Pompeo for national security adviser

Trump administration mulling Pompeo for national security adviser
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  • calendar-gray 12 September 2019

Just one day after President Donald Trump dismissed national security adviser John Bolton, administration officials are discussing the possibility of replacing Bolton with his chief rival, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Under this scenario, the country's top diplomat would absorb the national security adviser role and do both jobs, according to a senior administration official and a source familiar with the possibilities, APA reports citing CNN. 

That would make Pompeo the second person in history to have both jobs at the same time. The first, Henry Kissinger, was already President Richard Nixon's national security adviser when he was appointed secretary of state in 1973, and filled both roles for two years.

It's unclear how seriously Trump is considering this possibility, and a source familiar with the process says that Pompeo has given the President a list of other names to consider. On Wednesday, when asked about his top picks to replace Bolton, the President said, "I have five people that want it very much. Five people that I consider very highly qualified, good people."

Last night, attending a Washington charity ball with his wife, Pompeo laughed with friends about Bolton being fired. The two were often at odds with each other and had even stopped talking to each other outside formal meetings. Pompeo was jovial and his mentality was "what a day, what a life, what a job," explained a source who was at the event. For now, Pompeo will remain the President's primary foreign policy adviser, explained another source close to the White House: "He is going to act as national security adviser at least in the near term. Trump is happy with that," the person said.


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