US admits its 'ally' PYD/PKK is a terror group

US admits its 'ally' PYD/PKK is a terror group
  • Clock-gray 19:30
  • calendar-gray 27 January 2018

The U.S.’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) still officially views PYD/PKK as a terrorist organization, according to "The World Factbook" section in the intelligence agency’s website, APA reports quoting Anadolu agency.


The up-to-date website confirms that the PYD is the Syrian wing of the internationally designated terror group PKK, with Salih Muslim as its leader.


The rise of Daesh terror group gave the U.S. an excuse to establish a strong partnership with the PYD/PKK terrorist group.


The first military aid of the U.S. army was delivered to PYD/PKK in September 2014, when Daesh terrorists sieged northern Syrian city of Ayn al-Arab city, which was under PYD/PKK’s occupation.


Following the airstrikes that continued for months, Daesh was moved away.


The U.S. military aid to the terror group increased day by day, especially in the east of Euphrates River that empowered PYD/PKK’s occupation.

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