Biden briefed on the collision of a Russian fighter jet with a US drone

John Kirby, National Security Council spokesman

© APA | John Kirby, National Security Council spokesman

# 14 March 2023 22:14 (UTC +04:00)

A Russian fighter jet intercepted a U.S. Air Force drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday, U.S. officials confirmed, bringing down the U.S. aircraft, APA reports citing the Hill.

President Biden was briefed Tuesday morning on the incident, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters, calling it “unprofessional” and “unsafe.”

“It is not uncommon for there to be intercepts by Russian aircraft of U.S. aircraft over the Black Sea,” Kirby said. “And there have been, even in just recent weeks, there have been other intercepts. But this one obviously is noteworthy because of how unsafe and unprofessional it was … in causing the downing of one of our aircraft.”