Greenland bans unvaccinated from public places after first COVID-19 death


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# 22 November 2021 11:51 (UTC +04:00)

Following its first COVID-related death, which occurred on Saturday, 20 November, Greenland has banned the unvaccinated from public places, reserving restaurants, hair salons and other facilities for the fully-vaccinated, APA reports citing Sputnik.

According to the government, the measure is meant “to prevent the infection from spreading from schoolchildren to the rest of society”, Danish TV2 reported.

“Every death is a tragedy. Unfortunately, we in this country are at a stage in the epidemic, where it is entirely expected that the disease will cost human lives and otherwise develop as elsewhere across the world,” national doctor Henrik Hansen said in a press release.

Previously, one could get around the vaccination requirement with a negative COVID-19 test, but now this is no longer possible.

The new rules apply to the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk, Upernavik and nine surrounding settlements in the municipality of Avannaata, currently affected by outbreaks.