New York Post published an article about the financial fraud of the pro-Armenian senator Menendez and his Armenian wife

New York Post published an article about the financial fraud of the pro-Armenian senator Menendez and his Armenian wife
# 27 August 2023 14:13 (UTC +04:00)

New York Post published an investigation that exposed the dark financial activities of pro-Armenian senator Bob Menendez and his wife Nadine Arslanian, APA reports.

The publication writes that Sen. Bob Menendez’s new wife Armenian-born Nadine Arslanian cashed in up to $400,000 worth of gold bars — despite having faced foreclosure just three years earlier.

The gold bullion sale took place last spring, months before her husband, Sen. Bob Menendez, publicly acknowledged he was facing a new federal investigation.

According to the senator's statements about the annual financial income, 56-year-old Nadine Arslanian sold the gold between April 7, 2022 and June 16, 2022. This is equivalent to 13 pounds of pure gold.

The sale was a big windfall for Nadine Arslanian, who was struggling financially before marrying Menendez in 2020, even reportedly having to foreclose on her home.

The couple is currently at the center of an investigation by the Federal Investigation Bureau just months after their relationship went official.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are reportedly investigating whether the senator or his wife received undisclosed luxury gifts, including a car and a Washington apartment, in exchange for "political favors."

This is the second time that Senator Menendez has been investigated by federal authorities for corruption allegations. The first investigation, which took place in New Jersey, ended in 2011 without charges.

Menendez, 69, was re-examined by prosecutors in the Justice Department's Public Integrity Division in 2015 after Menendez was accused of taking large bribes from political philanthropist Dr. Salomon Melgen.

Allegations include that the senator directed members of his team to obtain visas for Melge's girlfriends from Brazil, Ukraine and the Dominican Republic.

It should be noted that the name of the pro-Armenian senator Bob Menendez has been involved in corruption and financial scandals from time to time. The senator, who brought up the baseless claims of Armenians at every opportunity and level in exchange for the large amount of dirty money he received from the Armenian diaspora, was found guilty of bribery and corruption crimes.

In 2015, the Associated Press wrote about the issue touched on in this article by the New York Post that a corruption charge was brought against Senator Bob Menendez, who was elected from the state of New Jersey.

Menendez is suspected of abusing his position to help an acquaintance of his, a Democratic Party donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, an ophthalmologist. The Ministry of Justice claims that for these "services" Menendez regularly received expensive gifts, including free air transportation.

In all, Menendez was charged with 14 counts, including corruption and several counts of willful fraud, including concealing a "personal interest in his position" while in public office.

In May of this year, the New York Times published information that Menendez, who is known for his staunch pro-Armenianism and was bought by the Armenian diaspora, was accused of various illegal acts. The newspaper wrote that the Federal Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Investigation Bureau are investigating whether pro-Armenian American senator Robert Menendez or his wife Nadine Arslanian received gifts of luxury cars and apartments from a halal meat company in Washington.

According to a lawyer who met with prosecutors, the investigation into Menendez, a Democratic senator from New Jersey, was related to a government search of the meat company's offices and the company's president's home.

There is a long list of pro-Armenian senators and congressmen who are involved in corruption and other financial crimes.

In addition to Menendez, Frank Pellone, Adam Schiff, Robert Dold, Brad Sherman, as well as Senator Barbara Boxer and others, who are staunch defenders of the Armenian lobby in the US Congress, have been involved in financial fraud, corruption, and misappropriation of funds collected in various funds of the Armenian diaspora.

It is not a secret that these persons are engaged in anti-Azerbaijan and Türkiye activities in return for the funds received from the Armenian diaspora.

Let us add that Hikmet Hajiyev, assistant to the President of Azerbaijan and head of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Presidential Administration, commented on the article published in the New York Post about Senator Bob Menendez and his wife.

H. Hajiyev shared an excerpt from the article on the "X" ("Twitter") account and noted the importance of a detailed investigation of the activities of pro-Armenian politicians.

"Money Talks! All anti-Azerbaijani pro-Armenian lobbyists and politicians in the United States and Europe need to be further investigated," said the President's assistant.