US police release footage of Ohio cop fatally shooting pregnant woman-VIDEO

US police release footage of Ohio cop fatally shooting pregnant woman-VIDEO
# 02 September 2023 07:13 (UTC +04:00)

The Blendon Township Police Department has released officers’ body-worn camera footage depicting the fatal shooting of 21-year-old pregnant woman Ta'Kiya Young in a grocery store parking lot on August 24, APA reports citing Sputnik.

The police department released the video footage in response to calls by the family of Ta'Kiya Young to hold accountable the officers involved in the incident.

Vide footage captured one officer standing next to Young as she's sat inside her locked vehicle with the driver window slightly open. The brief altercation shows the same officer informing Young that she needs to exit the vehicle as she has been accused of theft.

During the encounter, Young repeatedly voices objections, and notes that she did not steal anything from the store, a move that then prompts the officer to reiterate his request. At one point, Young is heard quickly asking whether the officer or his partner, who is standing in front of the car's hood, intend on discharging their firearms in her direction.

Within moments, Young is seen turning the steering wheel and inching the car forward, which instantly prompts the secondary officer to discharge his gun. At least three bullets are heard being fired, some of which are seen going through the front windshield.

Video subsequently captures officers running alongside the vehicle as it slowly moves until it collides with the brick wall at the shopping center.

Although footage of the aftermath was not made public, a release issued by the police department notes that after officers proceeded to render first aid after breaking the driver side window to gain entry. A total of nine minutes reportedly passed before paramedics arrived on the scene; however, it was reported that a doctor who was in the parking lot did assist in treating Young.

“Ta’Kiya’s death was not only avoidable, but also a gross misuse of power and authority,” Young’s family said in a statement. “As if the pain of losing Ta’Kiya isn’t enough, we must grapple with the knowledge that her unborn daughter was also robbed of her life in this hateful act.”

Young's family and legal team said in the statement that they are planning a news conference for after Labor Day to address the footage.

Both officers involved in the shooting were initially placed on administrative leave following the fatal incident; however, the cop that did not discharge his gun has since been allowed to return to duty.

The second officer is presently being considered a victim of attempted vehicular assault as he had his arm on the car when it began to pull away from the scene.

An investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is ongoing.