US: We've trained approximately 3,100 Ukrainians so far

US: We
# 06 January 2023 12:11 (UTC +04:00)

U.S. side, as you know, prior to our announcement last month, our training focus since the invasion has been on providing training for equipment and the specific equipment and systems that we provided to the Ukrainians.

And so, on that front, we've trained approximately 3,100 Ukrainians so far since April.

Writ large, when you look at the international effort to train Ukrainian forces, I would estimate about 12,000 across internationally when it comes to training Ukraine on a variety of things, including collective training in other countries.

So, break-break, now with the U.S. stepping up its combined arms and Joint Maneuver Training, which will begin this month, likely in a couple of weeks in Germany, we will train approximately 500 Ukrainian forces at the battalion level each month. But this will give them the enhanced capability to operate at the battalion level and combined arms, which, again, will give them an advantage on the battlefield.

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