People's Artist of Russia: "My heart and love is always with Azerbaijan"

# 04 February 2020 16:48 (UTC +04:00)

“My heart and love is always with Azerbaijan,” artistic director of Theater named after Oleg Tabakov, well-known theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov said in an interview with APA’s Moscow correspondent.

He stated that he will visit Baku in the upcoming future: “I have not been to Baku for a long time. Baku is a beautiful and magnificent city. It has always been so. I have a lot of friends in Baku. They often invite me. My close friend, who was born and raised in Baku Timur Vaynshteyn always invites me to Baku. I hope that I will visit a warm, magnificent and friendly Baku with him soon. I am looking forward to my visit to Baku.”

V. Mashkov noted that Azerbaijan has a great culture: "Recently I am so much engaged in theater and cinema that I can’t track everything. But I am sure that the Azerbaijani culture is developing. As far as I know from the media, the theater and the cinema have developed in your country. I will be very happy to see live for myself all this development”.

Vladimir Mashkov also stressed that it is not occasional that the performance of the prominent Azerbaijani musician, composer Polad Bulbuloglu has been voiced in the last film that he has featured in, namely “Odessa ship” film: “I have grown up with the songs of Polad Bulbuloglu. My mother and father also loved him very much. One of the first songs that I sang was the "Dogonyu, dogonyu" (“I will catch up to you”) song of Polad Bulbuloglu. Therefore, my heart and love is always with Azerbaijan".

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