Chinese citizens to get COVID-19 vaccines free of charge, Health Commission says

Chinese citizens to get COVID-19 vaccines free of charge, Health Commission says
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  • calendar-gray 09 January 2021

Chinese nationals will receive COVID-19 shots free of charge, and everyone will have access to them once risk groups get vaccinated, Zeng Yixin, deputy head of the National Health Commission, said on Saturday, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"During the coronavirus vaccination phase for key groups [risk groups], launched on December 15, 2020, governments at all levels guarantee to cover and distribute expenses to promote the COVID-19 vaccination. Individuals do not bear the cost of the vaccine and vaccination," Zeng told a briefing.

He added that there had been cases of individuals being charged for vaccination. An order has since been issued to promptly address such situations.

Li Tao, deputy head of the state medical insurance administration, in turn, noted that all vaccination-related expenses would be incurred by the medical insurance foundation and other relevant institutions.

As part of the first stage of the vaccination in China, customs officers, health care workers, as well as employees whose work is related to imported frozen products, sea and air transportation, seafood markets and public transport are the first in line to receive shots. Individuals who are set to go to work or study in virus-hit countries will also promptly receive an opportunity to get vaccinated.

At the second stage, when a vaccine enters the market and production volumes increase, more population groups will get access to shots.


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