IRGC Cmdr says Iran to reverse process of sanctions

IRGC Cmdr says Iran to reverse process of sanctions
  • Clock-gray 20:29
  • calendar-gray 11 December 2019

Chief  Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said that Iran is seeking to turn economic resistance into resistance economy to reverse sanctions, and warned the enemies that they cannot create any obstacle in the way of Iran, and the Iranian nation will overcome the obstacles, APA reports citing IRNA.

Addressing the 13th conference of the executives and officials of Khatam al-Anbyia Construction Headquarters, Major General Hussein Salami said that the Iranian nation's 40-year struggle with the global arrogance has shown that either one has to be strong, independent or to rely on others.

"One has to change the geometry of power in the world or to be merged and dissolved in the arrogant- built power," Major General Salami added.

He said that the enemies will not be silent in this situation, noting that the global arrogance has turned all fields into hard battlefronts against the Islamic Republic so that this successful model is no longer formed and transferred to other Islamic lands.

Referring to the full-scale combat arrangement of enemies in different areas, the chief commander pointed out that today, all fields have become the battlefield in a way that over the past four decades, in an all-out global warfare space, "we have constantly confronted with outmost power against the enemy's capabilities.


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