President of Turkish Supreme Electoral Council changed

President of Turkish Supreme Electoral Council changed
  • Clock-gray 17:13
  • calendar-gray 24 January 2020

In the Supreme Election Board consisting of 11 members, 6 members have expired with President Sadi Güven, APA reports.

As a result of the votes made in the Supreme Court and the Council of State for the identification of new members; 21st Civil Chamber Member Ahmet Yener from the Supreme Court of Appeals, 14th Legal Department Member Mahmut Akgün, 6th Criminal Chamber Member Orhan Usta, 9th Council Member Battal Öğüt and 10th Division Member Ali Ürker and 6th Division Member Ekrem Özübek became the new member of YSK.

After determining all 6 members elected for 6 years, the Supreme Election Board met with 11 members. As a result of the voting at the meeting, Muharrem Akkaya of Supreme Court origin was elected the new president of the YSK. Akkaya will sit in the chair of the YSK until January 2023, when his term of office expires.

Muharrem Akkaya was born in 1964, from Karabük Ovacık. After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1989, he started his career in Karabük. He worked as a judge in various districts and a prosecutor in Kocaeli. Akkaya also has duties in the Ministry of Justice in his professional career. After the inspection judgeship of the Ministry Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, he became the Assistant General Manager of Criminal Affairs. Akkaya, who was elected as a member of the Supreme Court of Appeals on 24 February 2011, was appointed as a member of the YSK in September 2016.


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