Wealthy Gupta brothers arrested in UAE

Atul Gupta with South African president Jacob Zuma

© APA | Atul Gupta with South African president Jacob Zuma

# 07 June 2022 05:13 (UTC +04:00)

Two brothers from the wealthy Gupta family have been arrested in the United Arab Emirates, the South African government has announced, APA reports citing BBC.

Atul and Rajesh Gupta are accused in South Africa of profiting from their close links with former president Jacob Zuma and exerting unfair influence.

Extradition talks are taking place with the UAE, South African officials say.

The brothers fled South Africa after a judicial commission began probing their involvement in corruption in 2018.

They are accused of paying financial bribes in order to win lucrative state contracts and influence powerful government appointments.

Many of the most serious corruption allegations levelled against the Indian-born brothers focus on their relationship with Jacob Zuma, who was president of South Africa from 2009 until he was forced to step down amid a storm of corruption allegations nine years later.