World's largest aircraft carrier arrives at port of Türkiye’s Antalya

# 28 August 2023 01:50 (UTC +04:00)

The world's largest aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford has arrived at the QTerminals port in Antalya, APA reports.

The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier arrived at the port of Antalya with 4,500 crew members.

The crew of the ship walked around Antalya and did some shopping. Tourists and residents of Antalya, in turn, are watching the ship with interest.

The commander of the aircraft carrier, Rear Admiral Eric J. Eslich, in connection with the visit of the aircraft carrier, stated the following: “The group of the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford, together with our partners from the Turkish Navy and Air Force, conducted a series of exercises in various fields before reaching Antalya. These exercises strengthened our ties with Türkiye and advanced our goals of working together on maritime tactics and procedures. Collective efforts also contribute to our common goal of bringing peace and stability to the region.”