Issue of treatment of demobilized servicemen clarified

Issue of treatment of demobilized servicemen clarified
  • Clock-gray 15:53
  • calendar-gray 03 April 2021

Chief of Main Medical Department of Ministry of Defence medical service colonel Firuddin Nabiyev has lent clarity to issue of treatment of demobilized servicemen, APA reports.

F. Nabiyev noted that there are medical institutions under the Ministry of Health, TABIB, and demobilized injured people, veterans can appeal to those medical institutions.

According to him, sometimes he also appeals to TABIB, Ministry of Health regarding this issue: “There is no problem with the treatment of those injured, veterans in the medical institutions of TABIB and Ministry of Health. Currently, all hospitals in the country operate within the framework of the medical insurance system. At the same time, there is special attention for our veterans in our country and there is no problem in their treatment.”


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