Training with combat firing held in Nakhchivan - VIDEO

Training with combat firing held in Nakhchivan - VIDEO
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  • calendar-gray 02 July 2020

The tactical training with combat firing of ballistic rocket artillery units of the Detached General Troops Army has been held, the Ministry of Defense told APA.

According to the plan, the multiple-rocket launch systems have been taken out to concentration areas from the permanent dislocation stations by the Alarm signal. 

During the training when the activity of the conditional enemy is tracked by on-ground means of reconnaissance and unmanned aerial vehicles, the fires were executed from multiple-rocket launch systems in the composition of the weapon system (launcher), squadron and battalions at the planned and extra-plan targets.

According to the scenario of the training, the units changing their places and deploying at reserve positions, annihilated the newly detected targets. 

In the training dedicated to the topic of repulsing the enemy’s sudden attack and resumption of defense line at favorable boundaries, the tasks were fulfilled successfully.


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