Armenia’s Smerch reactive systems ‘outdated’: retired Azerbaijani general

Armenia’s Smerch reactive systems ‘outdated’: retired Azerbaijani general
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  • calendar-gray 27 September 2017

A retired Azerbaijani general has commented on reports that the Armenian army has used Smerch multiple reactive systems during the recent military drills.


Smerch multiple reactive systems is the only weapon Armenia can boast about, retired general Yashar Aydamirov told APA.


According to Aydamirov, considering the Iskander tactical missile systems is not at the disposal of the Armenian Armed Forces, the Smerch reactive system is the ‘most powerful’ missile system available to their army.


“But we must not forget that these missile systems were manufactured in the Soviet period and put into operation in 1987. Although civilians do not know, professional military people are well aware that the successful use of weapons manufactured 30 years ago and stored for years is questionable. Most likely, the Smerch system was used in exercises to check their suitability,” he said.


Unlike Armenia, the up-do-date missile systems and other types of weapons Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces are equipped with are comparable with the world’s mightiest armies in terms of their precision and destructive power, the retired general added. 

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