Crime rate decreases in Azerbaijani Army

Crime rate decreases in Azerbaijani Army
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  • calendar-gray 27 January 2017

Compared to 2015, last year the number of crimes against military service within the Azerbaijani Armed Forces dropped by 14.2%, crimes of evasion from military service by 35.1%, crimes of abandoning the military unit without permission by 40.2%, desertion by 69.2%, crimes against military obedience by 4.2%, offences of breaking rules of relationship among soldiers who are not in subordination of each other by 4%, offences of non-compliance with rules of handling weapons and objects highly dangerous to people by 53.3%, murder by 36.8%, and bringing to suicide by 14.3%, Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor Khanlar Valiyev said Friday.


In 2016, a number of grave and especially grave crimes committed in military formations were uncovered, Valiyev said addressing a board meeting at the Military Prosecutor’s Office, APA reported.


According to him, the decline in the number of crimes committed in the army is largely due to the sound cooperation between the Defense Ministry, the State Border Service, the Internal Troops, and other structures. Nevertheless, there has been a slight increase in the number of some crimes in the army, he added.  


Valiyev especially emphasized that in 2016 prosecuting agencies concluded the investigation into complicated and multi-episode crimes and strengthen control over strict compliance with the law.


“During the reporting period, people responsible for unlawful appropriation of state property were brought to justice. Damage amounting to AZN 1,102,640 caused to the state as a result of these crimes was compensated for,” he added.


Valiyev continued: “During the past year, 45 wanted persons were captured and handed over to investigation. 150 inspections were conducted of control over compliance with the law in the activities of investigating bodies. As a result, 2,234 offences were detected. In relation to the uncovered offences, 239 people were issued warning to and 41 criminal cases were opened. 23 illegal verdicts dropping the launch of investigation into a number of cases were cancelled.” 

Vuqar Abushov

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