Google to stop making AI tools for oil and gas firms

Google to stop making AI tools for oil and gas firms
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  • calendar-gray 20 May 2020

Google plans to stop making customized artificial intelligence (AI) tools for oil and gas firms, it was confirmed on Wednesday following a critical report issued by the environmental organization Greenpeace, APA reports citing Teletrader.

The report titled "How tech companies are helping Big Oil profit from climate destruction" claimed that Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all produced AI to help oil companies like Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil extract fossil fuels from the earth.

"While Google still has a few legacy contracts with oil and gas firms, we welcome this indication from Google that it will no longer build custom solutions for upstream oil and gas extraction," Greenpeace campaigner Elizabeth Jardim said. Google is known as one of the companies that campaigned for the protection of the environment and have been carbon neutral since 2007.


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