Azerbaijan to produce special purpose industrial oils

Azerbaijan to produce special purpose industrial oils
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  • calendar-gray 15 December 2020

The resident of ANAS High Tech Park, the Experimental Industrial Plant will produce special-purpose industrial oils for devices and mechanisms of local factories, the High Tech Park (HTP) told APA Economics.

Currently, the general industrial oils "I-12A", "I-20A", "I-30A", "I-40A", and "I-50A" are produced in the factory.

These industrial oils that contain non-fatty oils and have the properties of hydraulic oils in small mechanisms are mainly used in the friction parts of the machines, fans, pumps, weaving machines, as well as in the manufacture of hydraulic fluids, plastics, and process lubricants. The Industrial oils have been considered for the mechanisms that do not have any requirements against friction and corrosion.

The industrial oils that are the production of the factory are broadly used by Azerbaijan Railways ”CJSC. Currently, the offers of exporting these oils to foreign countries are considered.

Huseyn Veliyev

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