Belarus working on purchase of Azerbaijani oil - PM

Belarus working on purchase of Azerbaijani oil - PM
  • Clock-gray 15:05
  • calendar-gray 20 December 2016

“We have been negotiating with Russia since summer of 2015. Currently, active dialogue is underway and we believe this will lead to compromise. The conditions should be equal. Our cooperation should base on integration. Otherwise, the integration will not work. Energy ties between Russia and Belarus are good.  Belarus is interested not only in gas price. This is also important. Gas price in the areas located on the Russian borders with Belarus is higher than us. This affects competitiveness of our products. Russia should regulate it. There is a legal base for this and was signed in 2011”, he added.  


Taking into account the decisions made by Russian government, Belarus is to diversify the sources of oil products: “We are working on purchase of Azerbaijani gas. Along with this, other versions are also being considered. It’s always needed an alternative. This creates additional chances for you”.


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