Patriarch Kirill: “Real war is underway against traditional religions”

Patriarch Kirill: “Real war is underway against traditional religions”
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  • calendar-gray 14 November 2019

“The past decades remembered several conflicts, unprecedented expansion of terrorism,” Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia Kirill said, APA reports.

He stated that terrorists spill the blood of innocent and ordinary people: “Sri-Lanka, New Zealand, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, France- it is a small list of countries where committed terrorist acts that have shaken the world during past two years. We should confess that there is a real war against traditional religions. The representatives of the younger generation fight in frontline of this war in cities and villages, information space, and most importantly in the mind and heart of the people. Ideologists of the extremist movements use the lack of experience in young people. It is not a new thing for religious leaders. We, religious leaders, not only should reject and condemn extremism but also, should spread indisputable values based on scripture such as family, marriage, respect to elders, respect to the choice of the religion of people,  support to oppressed and poor people within the society.”

Patriarch Kirill stated that Baku has become an important venue for global interreligious dialogue.



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