Role of external appearance in personal life and work career

Role of external appearance in personal life and work career

Undoubtedly, the persons having high physical qualities begin their life with a 1:0 score advantage. Although people say rhetorically that the high spiritual values are the main thing in life, our brains treat people firstly by the fact whether they are handsome, beautiful, or ugly, fat or skinny, short or tall.

For instance, imagine that you have been newly introduced to a group of people. This can be a group of friends or a team at a new workplace. When you come to your new workplace for the first time you give people some impression by your physical appearance and your clothes. If a person of the opposite sex whom you have newly got acquainted with has better clothes and physical qualities than you (for instance, he (she) is taller than you or has a more fit body), he (she) will not consider you as a sex partner. Therefore his (her) relation to you will be cold, or he (she) will treat you “in a friendly way” as if he (she) were 5 years older than you. In such a situation, the behavior of the opposite sex can change depending on his (her) temper: for instance, while a woman considering a man as a sex partner behaves more reservedly and distantly, other women treat him more sincerely and in a more comfortable way. According to one research, 80% of women automatically decide in regard to a man whom they meet for the first time whether they can or can’t become the women’s sexual partner.

In fact, our brains’ treatment of people by their external appearance is not only valid for the opposite sex. The same rule is also valid for our relations with persons of the same sex. The persons having better physical qualities or distinguished by better dressing mode mostly establish communication with similar persons of the same sex and positively respond to their communication attempts. The people’s positive attitude to the persons looking like themselves has been proved by one experiment: that experiment was held among students in the USA during 1970's. During those times, the students dressed either in hip-hop or in classic mode. The researchers firstly approached the students while wearing classic clothes and asked them to lend a minor coin. And then they repeated the same procedure while bearing cloths in hip-hop mode. Finally, it became known that the students lent money only to the person dressed in the same mode as the students.

When we see a person with good physical qualities, our brain automatically believes that all good qualities (clever mind, high culture, good education, etc.) are concentrated in that person. A survey conducted among teachers in 1968 also proved this phenomenon. Speaking more clearly, it became known in the course of the survey that most teachers believed that well-dressed children committed less naughtiness and were cleverer than other pupils.

According to research, the impression created within a period as short as 100 milliseconds remains unchanged forever. The professor of Canada’s Ontario University, social psychologist Bertrand Gavron explains this rule in the following way: “Imagine that you have just got acquainted with your new workmate and he (she) didn’t give you a positive impression from the first glance. A few weeks later you saw him (her) at a meeting and you thought that actually he (she) was a good person. Although your first impression was wrong, your positive thoughts about him (her) will be limited only to that meeting. Later on, you will think about him (her) according to your first impression”.

As in personal relations, the external appearance also plays a significant role in the work career. Joe Gerard who was registered in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as “The greatest motor car seller of all times” earned annually US$ 200 thousand from this business. He was just a simple salesman, but he managed to become the best of all times in the business which he was engaged in. He said in one interview while talking about the secret of his success that: “The main thing is to act as a seller from whom the customers would want to buy something and whom the customers will love”.

Not only in such positions as “Sales manager”, “TV presenter” which requires good external appearance, but also in all other spheres, the persons with good external appearance have more chances to succeed than other persons. According to results of a research conducted in the Exeter University, the males’ annual earnings increase by US$ 2 thousand per each 7.62 cm increment of growth of human height. As for women, they earn by US$ 2 thousand less than the average level of women’s incomes every time when their weight increases by 6.35 kilograms. This means that a person with a height of 1.82 meters earns by US$ 100 thousand more money than his (her) colleague with a height of 1.52 meters.

According to another research conducted at Sorbonne University, the likeliness of employment of the women who have CV photos with a low neckline is 4 times higher than that of other women and even 5 times higher in the area of sales. Besides, it was confirmed that handsome men were mostly recruited to team-based positions, and non-handsome men were recruited to competitive (achievement-oriented) positions. According to the research, when managers are faced with a dilemma of choosing among 2 candidates, they recruit a candidate whom they personally consider more charismatic.

According to research conducted at Duke University with the participation of 792 company directors, it was revealed that people with a deeper voice tone own larger companies and earn more money. Each 22 Hs reduction in voice frequency points to possession of a company with US$ 440 more value, growth of earnings by US$ 187 thousand and extension of tenure by 151 days.

In addition to all these researches, we can also cite examples from the community in which we live. This manifests itself more clearly in the virtual space – in social networks. Note that people like more the posts of the people with better external appearance and try to comment on such posts. Besides, people express more positive comments on the posts of users with pleasant appearance than that of other users. Of course, the social position of that user also contributes to the popularity of his (her) posts.

The exceptional cases can also be encountered in all the above-mentioned examples. But the exceptions don’t cancel a common objective law.

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