Some thoughts about LinkedIN's annual report for emerging jobs in 2020

Some thoughts about LinkedIN's annual report for emerging jobs in 2020

LinkedIn released its annual report of the emerging jobs for 2020 (USA). According to the report below are some top examples of emerging jobs.

- Artificial Intelligence Specialist

- Robotics Engineer

- Data Scientist

- Data Engineer

- Cybersecurity Specialist

- Back End Developer

- Cloud Engineer

- JavaScript Developer etc. (more on the link to the report)

A quote from the report.

"At this stage, most of the workforce doesn’t work in the emerging field of artificial intelligence, but that doesn’t mean it won’t impact everyone. Artificial intelligence will require the entire workforce to learn new skills, whether it’s to keep up to date with an existing role, or pursuing a new career as a result of automation. "

Now, some of my thoughts about Azerbaijan labor market.

What I am observing in the local labor market is, there is still high demand for talented professionals, almost in any field. The problem is, such talents are not many and there is high competition among organizations in attracting them.

People who complain that there is less work opportunities or can’t find jobs, should think about developing themselves more. There is need for qualified staff more than ever before.

Most probably there will still be demand for traditional professions for the next several years (with some exceptions of course).

From time to time we lose talent to international competition. But still there are lots and lots of opportunities for such professionals in the local market. 

In the near future, there will be demand for innovative, creative people more than ever. That is one of the unique human skill that machines won’t be able to take over completely. The new technology and automatization will result many jobs to disappear but at the same time let’s do not forget that new technology will enable us to create new jobs.

I am sure many of you had come across with such news that, several European countries had planned to ban cars running on petrol and in the next 2-3 years. Most of them will switch to electric cars only. Many reputable carmakers such as BMW, Volkswagen Group, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi have started producing electric cars already. 

Just think how much impact this change will have on the labor market. How many jobs will be disappearing and how many professions will need to transform themselves.

Education is important, even more than ever before. But 4 - 6 years of higher education will never be enough for entire life. There will be need for lifelong learning. What we learn today, might not be needed tomorrow due to tremendous changes taking place. But thanks to new technology, we can independently develop ourselves, learn new things even without leaving our houses.

Only those, who will be able to cope with the change and can transform themselves will be able to survive. There will be more importance given to accurate data more than ever.

Change and transformation of jobs will create demand for outplacement services. Something to think about as startup maybe.

What I also observe is, although the technology enables us to do, companies do not think much about practicing telecommuting, which is essential nowadays. Now millennials make much of the workforce and one of the main priority for them is flexible work. Remote work becomes important, it increases productivity and decreases costs for organizations and individuals.

Rapid change creates a lot uncertainty and stress. There will be need for mental health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, life coaches, more than ever before. It is not all about technology jobs, there will be high demand for these professions as well. I already see a high demand and high tendency by many professionals switching jobs on this direction.

Good luck to all of us and let’s hope for a better future.

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