Medvedev spoke about relations with Putin

Medvedev spoke about relations with Putin
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  • calendar-gray 09 July 2020

Deputy Chairman of the security Council, Dmitry Medvedev spoke about dealing with the country's President, Vladimir Putin, noting that they have remained good and friendly relations and "all is well", APA reports citing Mobsearch.

"The question I hear the first year. And answer it the same way. We still have good and friendly relations", — he said in an interview with ID "KP", answering the question about the relationship with Putin and about whether they became more or less frequently to communicate after the departure of Medvedev as Prime Minister.

He noted that the President — the first person in the country, and he is now his Deputy, who is responsible for the functioning of the security Council, for the provision of security.

"Exactly why we communicate regularly in a variety of formats, discuss a variety of issues in the field of security, in the narrow sense, and economic issues, and social", — said the Chairman of the SB.

He mentioned that as Chairman of the "United Russia" regularly refers to the President on party issues.

"Especially when it was about the preparation of proposals to support the economy, the social sphere, on some issues of work, employment. Such proposals I was preparing-not only as Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, but also as the leader of the party. And on that topic, we also spoke. So that's all right. All is well", — assured Medvedev.


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