Putin sets conditions for Russia’s nuclear weapons use

Putin sets conditions for Russia’s nuclear weapons use
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  • calendar-gray 03 June 2020

Russia will be ready to employ nuclear weapons, if similar or other mass destruction means are used against it or its allies or if it faces non-nuclear aggression that threatens the state’s existence and the possibility to deliver a retaliatory nuclear strike, according to the country’s new doctrine released on Tuesday, APA reports citing TASS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Tuesday on approving the Fundamentals of the country’s nuclear containment state policy.

As a condition for Russia’s possible employment of nuclear weapons, the document points to the receipt of reliable data on the launch of ballistic missiles attacking the territory of Russia and (or) its allies, and also the enemy’s use of nuclear and other mass destruction weapons against the territory of the country and its allies.

Also, Russia will be ready to employ nuclear weapons, if an enemy impacts its vital state and military facilities whose damage will disrupt the nuclear forces’ retaliatory measures, and in case of aggression with the use of conventional armament that will threaten the very existence of the Russian state.


The document stipulates that the Russian president may, if necessary, inform the military and political leadership of other countries and international organizations about the readiness to employ nuclear weapons, about the decision made on their use, and also about the fact of using nuclear weapons.

"The state policy in the sphere of nuclear containment is defensive and aims to maintain the nuclear forces’ potential at the level sufficient for ensuring nuclear deterrence, and guarantees the protection of the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity," the decree says.

Nuclear containment principles

The document stipulates that the guaranteed deterrence of the potential enemy from aggression against Russia and (or) its allies is referred to the highest state priorities.

"The aggression is deterred by the entire totality of Russia’s military might, including nuclear weapons," the document says.

Pursuant to the document, Russia carries out continuous nuclear containment measures while complying with its international arms control commitments. The doctrine also takes into account the possibility of adapting policy to military threats.

As nuclear containment principles, the document highlights centralized state governance, the rational structure of nuclear forces and capabilities, their maintenance at the minimally sufficient level for accomplishing assigned tasks. At the same, some of these forces are maintained at the level of their constant readiness for combat use.

The document also indicates as principally important the potential enemy’s uncertainty about the scope, time and place of Russia’s possible nuclear weapons use.


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