Russia to create global network of underwater, surface, air drones

Russia to create global network of underwater, surface, air drones
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  • calendar-gray 10 June 2020

The Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering Rubin is working on the creation of a global network of underwater, surface and air drones for largescale research, the bureau’s CEO Igor Vilnit said in an interview on Wednesday, APA reports quoting TASS.

"In the long term the bureau’s specialists have plans for creating a global network consisting of a large number of deep diving vessels, autonomous underwater vehicles, gliders, lighting devices, UAVs, and means of communication and other components for conducting largescale research and exploration," Vilnit said.

In the near future thorough integration of various classes of robots with different vehicles, such as submarines, surface ships and supply vessels will be carried out. "In creating maritime robotized systems various means and modes of their interaction with different types of carriers — both subsurface and surface ones — are being developed," Vilnit said.

"The use of network principles of creating complex robotized systems and advanced cutting-edge technical solutions and new methods of programing algorithms will allow for creating systems crucial to the navigation, communication with and command of diversified robotized systems operating under the surface of the world ocean and in the air," Vilnit said.

This approach will make it possible to set up unified command centers to run subsurface, surface and air vehicles and provide full navigation and technical information to the organizations and agencies concerned in the real time mode.


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