Russian diplomats helped US citizens during Wuhan evacuation

Russian diplomats helped US citizens during Wuhan evacuation
  • Clock-gray 15:31
  • calendar-gray 22 February 2020

Russian diplomats provided assistance to US nationals during their recent operation to evacuate Russians from the Chinese city of Wuhan, Russian embassy officials told reporters on Saturday, APA reports citing TASS.

A thing to note is that the officials remained under quarantine in one of the embassy’s buildings until Friday night.

"The [Russian] flag proved really helpful. It was kind of a chaos situation [at Wuhan Tianhe Airport - TASS] because there were a lot of Americans, more than 400, but there were no US officials. People coming to the airport were clearly distressed, many of them were frightened, many did not speak Chinese well, or at all. When these poor things saw our flag, we told them that ‘This is Russia,’ and they asked us: ‘And where is the US?’" Embassy First Secretary Konstantin Nevezhkin said.

"We had to make a banner reading ‘USA’ and containing information about the section where Americans could register. However, we had to take a couple of elderly people to that section because they just couldn’t make head or tail of the situation," he added. "We then started asking foreigners who came up to our stand if they knew whose flag it was, and they said it was Russia’s. So we asked why they had come up to us then? And they answered, ‘because we know you will help us anyway," the diplomat pointed out.


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