Third COVID-19 wave in Russia possible, expert says

Third COVID-19 wave in Russia possible, expert says
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  • calendar-gray 23 December 2020

A third wave of the coronavirus infection in Russia is possible, its emergence will depend on many factors. According to scientists, if the third wave emerges, its spread rate will be lower than the previous one, Viktor Zakharov, Head of the Intellectual Logistics Center of the St. Petersburg State University that developed a mathematical forecasting model of spread of COVID-19, said on Wednesday, APA reports citing TASS.

"There are [experts] in Russia, like, for example, the chief physician of the Kommunarka [hospital] who say that a third wave is looming. It is possible but it will depend on many factors," he said.

He explained that the new wave of the coronavirus will depend on many factors, for instance, on the discipline of residents in observing anti-epidemiologic measures as well as on the restrictions introduced in Russian regions. The expert also added that, according to his data, the spread rate of the coronavirus during the third wave will be slower than during the previous one.

The CBRR (Case-Based Rate Reasoning) model of forecasting development of epidemics invented by the Center’s specialists, uses data on the coronavirus spread dynamics in those countries where the epidemic began earlier. In order to forecast the coronavirus situation in Russia, the official statistics is used.

According to the latest data, some 212,074 cases of the infection have been detected in St. Petersburg which puts it in the second place after Moscow nationwide. Some 123,518 coronavirus patients have recovered, 7,074 patients died. Over the past 24 hours, 3,749 cases of the infection have been detected in the city.

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