WHO Spokeswoman warns of possible second wave of COVID-19 in Russia

WHO Spokeswoman warns of possible second wave of COVID-19 in Russia
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  • calendar-gray 10 July 2020

A second wave of the coronavirus may hit Russia "even tomorrow", if people lower their guard and do not pay enough attention to safety, the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s spokeswoman in Russia, Melita Vujnovic, said in an interview, APA reports quoting Sputnik.

"No one can make forecasts, as too many factors play a role. There is a possibility it could happen even tomorrow, if everyone drops their guard and people start gathering in groups of 1,000 in closed spaces. Even if there is only one infected person there, this will be enough", Vujnovic said, when asked about the timing of a second wave.

At the same time, the spreading of the virus could be stopped if all those people immediately sought treatment from doctors, underwent testing, and self-isolated, the WHO representative noted.

Vujnovic pointed to the importance of hygiene practices.

"We talk about masks very often. A mask alone reduces the risk, albeit slightly. However, if both you and me wear a mask, wash our hands properly and stay in locations with natural ventilation, then the risk of contracting the disease — even if one of us is infected — is much lower compared to a situation with us seating at a 70 centimetre distance and talking like this for 30 minutes. In that case, if one of us was infected, the other one would get infected as well. It should be understood that mass events may be held, but there should be control, and epidemiological measures should be implemented. Being too cautious is better than facing a new wave", Vujnovic added.


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