Russian Mi-24 gunships eliminate notional terrorists in Tajikistan mountains during drills

Russian Mi-24 gunships eliminate notional terrorists in Tajikistan mountains during drills
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  • calendar-gray 25 September 2019

The crews of Mi-24 attack helicopters from Russia’s 201st military base eliminated a notional terrorist group at the Lyaur practice range in the mountains of Tajikistan, the press office of the Central Military District reported on Wednesday, APA reports citing TASS.

"During the drills, the pilots acting in pairs and flight formations conducted air reconnaissance of the notional terrorists’ positions in the mountains’ ravines and gorges. After determining the coordinates of the notional enemy’s location and its entrenched hideouts with the help of the Oborona onboard system, the pilots of the Mi-24 helicopters delivered strikes using rockets and the cannon armament. The flights proceeded at extremely low altitudes for stealthily approaching the targets," the press office said in a statement.

During the one-day drills at the Lyaur mountainous training range, the pilots fired over 500 munitions of various types and hit over 200 ground targets, the press office specified.

Russia’s Central Military District is based on the territory of the Volga, Urals and Siberian integrated federal districts and 29 Russian regions. Structurally, the Central Military District also includes some overseas facilities: the 201st military base in Tajikistan, the Kant integrated military base in Kyrgyzstan and units stationed on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The 201st military base stationed in Tajikistan is Russia’s largest military facility outside its borders. The military base is stationed in the cities of Dushanbe and Bokhtar. The military base’s armament includes T-72 tanks, BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, Grad multiple launch rocket systems, Gvozdika and Akatsiya artillery systems.

Under the agreement signed in October 2012, Russia’s military base in Tajikistan will remain until 2042.


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