Medvedchuk unveiled details of his extradition to Russia

Viktor Medvedchuk

© APA | Viktor Medvedchuk

# 26 January 2023 10:25 (UTC +04:00)

Ukrainian politician, ex-member of Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) Viktor Medvedchuk talked about the details of his handing over to Russia, APA reports citing Russia Today.

Zelensky first placed Medvedchuk under house arrest, then sent him to a “dungeon” run by the Ukrainian SBU security service, where the opposition politician said he was exposed to “constant psychological pressure and humiliation.” In September 2021, he was flown to Poland, and then to Türkiye, where he was handed over to the Russians.

Contrary to popular misperception, he said, he was not traded for the leaders of the neo-Nazi “Azov” regiment who surrendered in Mariupol. Those were exchanged for captured Russian soldiers, Medvedchuk said, while he was traded for “ten foreign mercenaries who fought in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Kyiv has accused Medvedchuk of treason and said he secretly obtained Russian citizenship. He rejects both claims as false, saying the “falsified charges” related to his legitimate mediation on behalf of the Ukrainian government with the breakaway Donbass regions and Moscow in 2014-15. About 1,500 Ukrainian POWs came home as a result of his efforts, he noted.