French actor Maurice Barrier dies from coronavirus

French actor Maurice Barrier dies from coronavirus
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  • calendar-gray 13 April 2020

Comedian Maurice Barrier, known for many supporting roles in film and theater that earned him a Molière in 1998, died this weekend of coronavirus at the age of 87, APA reports citing AFP.

“While he was facing pulmonary difficulties, he caught the coronavirus in the hospital and did not recover from it”, posted on Facebook, late Sunday evening, his nephew Jérémy Manesse, whose parents direct Le Café de la Gare in Paris.

According to the Burgundian press, Maurice Barrier has lived in the village of Montreal, in the Yonne, since 1962 with his wife Hélène Manesse. He died on the night of Saturday to Sunday at Montbard hospital in the Côte-d’Or.

Born June 8, 1932 in Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, his acting career began with the role of D’Artagnan in Roberto Rossellini’s “Takeover by Louis XIV” in 1966.


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