Foreign expert: "Karabakh's current situation is similar to Europe after WW II"

foreign expert Alessandro Bianchi 

© APA | foreign expert Alessandro Bianchi 

# 20 May 2022 11:02 (UTC +04:00)

"Europe's situation after World War II is similar to Karabakh's, Shusha's current situation," said foreign expert Alessandro Bianchi while delivering a speech at the international conference "Development of the post-conflict humanitarian agenda: Sustainable development through the revival of the cultural environment", APA reports.

According to him, there are several important samples of the restoration works in the world after the war: "For example, elimination of all the consequences of the war in the center of Warsaw has been implemented through looking at historical pictures and adopting that tradition. Because the purpose was to completely erase the traces of the war from the center of the city. They have achieved this. On the other hand, we can say Berlin as an example, a part of the building subjected to the destruction in Berlin is still protected. This means protection of the historical memory. What I want to say is that the mentioned experiences must be considered during the restoration of Shusha and Karabakh".